Last updated July 10th 2020

Our Sunday Meeting for Worship re-commenced in person from July 12th 2020. We continue to hold Meeting for Worship over Zoom alongside this in a ‘blended’ fashion, see further information below.

Our Friday open days, Quiet Garden days and other visits and events are postponed until further notice. We hope to re-commence some of these from late August.

Key reminders for visitors attending Meeting for Worship in person at the Blue Idol Quaker Meeting House from 12 July 2020

Please :

  • Do not come if you or anyone you have been in contact with has symptoms of Covid-19. You can still join us (with or without symptoms) via Zoom!
  • Keep social distance in the car parks
  • Bring your own face mask and wear it in the meeting house
  • Bring your own Quaker Faith & Practice, Advices & Queries, Bible, or any other reading matter you wish to have. A few copies of Advices & Queries will be available for those who do not have their own copy.
  • Bring your own mugs and hot drinks if you want any. The tea room will be closed.
  • Expect your name/presence to be recorded on the way in. We need this in case Trace & Trace should be required. The list will be destroyed after 21 days.
  • Use hand sanitiser on the way in.
  • Only the front door will be in use, not the back door. Enter the Meeting House one household at a time, not touching the door. The front door will remain open during worship.
  • Fill up the spaces starting with the further ones first, to avoid passing Friends on your way to a seat.
  • Expect to find a large screen with webcam and a speaker/ microphone in the room, to enable the blended live/Zoom meeting. The microphone picks up sound from the whole room and does not need to be handed around.
  • Do not be put off offering vocal ministry, but remember that Friends will be receiving through a number of different media and try to speak distinctly and not too quietly, especially if under the gallery. The speaker/microphone has been tested and picks up ordinary clear speech quite well.
  • If joining worship in the garden, bring your own laptop or smartphone. Use of headphones is advised, if possible with an integrated microphone rather than relying on the device’s inbuilt microphone, which will pick up a lot of environmental noise and transmit speech poorly.
  • At the end of meeting, remember not to touch anything in the Meeting House including door handles, light switches, etc. Keep custody of your hands!
  • Leave the Meeting House one household at a time, maintaining social distancing while inside the room. Use hand sanitiser on the way out.
  • Maintain social distancing once outside while socialising. In case of rain, hopefully the marquee will be large enough to accommodate all.
  • Only the larger toilet will be open, with provision of hand sanitiser before entry, antiviral cleaning wipes for cleaning the toilet seat before use, and liquid soap and paper towels from dispensers for thorough hand washing after use.

In preparation for re-opening the Blue Idol safely, a full risk assessment based on Government regulations and advice was carried out. The following table details the anti-Covid-19 safety measures put in place to protect all visitors and residents at the Blue Idol as a result of that risk assessment. You can read our full ‘live’ risk assessment here if you wish to do so.

No.    RiskAnti-risk measures
3. (1+2 omitted)   Social distancing outside the meeting house●Field car park will be open on Sundays to allow adequate spacing between cars 
●External signage on the notice board will remind about social distancing and the relevant Government guidelines.
●When social time is held outside, Friends will be reminded to sit sufficiently socially distanced according to government guidance.  
4.   Preventing transmission of the virus through touching shared equipment in the meeting house.  ●Non-essential equipment has been taken out of the meeting house and stored away from the public part of the building.
●Equipment still needed (e.g. chairs) has been assessed for the risk it poses to the user(s). For equipment used by more than one person there is a cleaning routine in place to ensure cleanliness between each use (see below).
●Copies of Quaker faith & practice, bibles, Advices and queries and other leaflets or loose papers have been removed from places where they might be touched, and the bookshelves cordoned off. ●Individuals need to bring their own refreshments and mugs.
●The tea room will be kept off-limits.
5.   Preventing transmission of the  virus through touching each other or shared surfaces in the meeting house. ●Hand sanitisers are available to those entering and  exiting the building where handwashing is not  possible. 
●Plenty of soap, paper towels,  disposable cleaning wipes and toilet paper are provided.
●Special attention will be paid to cleaning light switches, door handles, stair rails and other items  that people touch regularly. 
●Front door will only be opened and closed by the  volunteer resident friends and left open during the  Meeting for Worship. 
●Welcomer will explain safety arrangements. 
●Enter and leave the building one household at a time. 
●The meeting room has been assessed to determine the maximum number of people that can be  accommodated to enable adequate social  distancing (currently 2 metres). It is possible to fit  up to 7 ‘spaces’ of two chairs each (one  household). Additionally, the balcony can hold two single chairs and one ‘space’ for two chairs together ●Chairs positioned so that people will sit two  metres apart from others who are not in their household/ bubble.  
6.   Children’s meeting: Possible 
transmission of the virus between 
people or from 
●If a children’s meeting is held, it needs to be outside in the garden. The marquee can be used for this. ●Parents will be asked to let the Meeting know before bringing children to allow for preparation. The website and email communication will note this.
●No sharing of books, pens or any learning materials. Children to work using their own books or on paper. ●Children to bring their own water bottles
7.   Use of toilets: Possible virus 
transmission from touching surfaces, towels and fixtures  
●Cleaning to be carried out before reopening 
●Hand sanitizer is available before entering the toilet block
●Antiviral cleaning wipes will be available for people to use prior to using the toilet. 
●Hands must be washed thoroughly after using toilet facilities. 
●Sufficient liquid soap will be available at all times in all toilets (only the large one will be open), this will be checked weekly by the  Volunteer Resident Friends. 
●Hand drying will be by disposable towels only. 
●Bins in toilets will be emptied on Friday and Sunday.  
8.   Possible 
transmission of the  virus to building users or 
volunteers after known 
exposure to 
someone with  the 
●Carry out a deep clean before allowing the space to be used again.
9.   Airborne transmission of the virus between people within the same space without having physical contact.  ●Instruct community members to not attend the  Meeting House if they have symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to follow guidelines  (See below).  
●Send home anyone who has any of the coronavirus symptoms,​.  
●Do not allow anyone with new or worsening signs or symptoms to return to meeting for worship in  person until they have complied with government guidance and medical advice.  
●Do not allow an individual with known close  contact to a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19 to return to meeting for worship in  person until the end of the 14-day self-quarantine period from the last date of exposure.  
●Worshippers from different households/support  bubbles must maintain at least 2 metre separation  from each other. 
●All those attending the meeting house are  expected to bring and wear their own face  covering. 
●Maintain a sign-up rota in order to limit the  number of people attending Meeting for Worship 
●We will obtain contact details of Friends and  visitors who attend Meeting for Worship and our  Friday open days with permission (in accordance with GDPR) in order to enable Track and Trace of coronavirus cases. These details will be kept for 3 weeks and then destroyed.
●Continue using online worship and blend online and in-person worship to enable all Friends to access Meeting for Worship.
●Ensure good ventilation by keeping the front door open during Meeting for Worship.
●Open window under gallery (weather permitting) to allow for further ventilation. 
10.  Transmission of the virus between 
people within the same space without having 
physical contact.  
●Reiterate the guidance on the appropriate cleaning and hand washing hygiene. 
●Enhanced cleaning procedures will be in place across the meeting house, particularly in  communal areas and at touch points. Particular  attention will be paid to: entry and exit points, taps and washing facilities, toilet flush and seats, door handles, handrails on staircases. Cleaning will  take place between each usage of the building. oThe resident friends are responsible  for carrying out the cleaning between Friday  Open Days and Sunday Meeting for Worship. 
oOur cleaner is responsible for cleaning between Sunday Meeting for Worship and Friday Open  days. 
oAll waste receptacles have disposable bin liners.  
oAntiviral cleaning products will be used.  
11.  Airborne  transmission due 
to inadequate  social distancing or  by touching 
● Barn door will be kept open
● Signage will instruct visitors to use hand gel provided and avoid touching surfaces in the barn, meeting house and WC.
● Volunteers will maintain social distancing from each other and from visitors in line with government guidance
● Visitors will be asked (on the website and on social media) to bring and wear their own face coverings. Volunteers will wear face coverings.
12.  Resident 
Friends when self-isolating
the meeting 
room while 
entering or 
exiting their 
● If the Resident Friends are self-isolating due to  having COVID-19 symptoms or having had close  contact to someone with a confirmed case:  
○They will not attend Meeting for Worship or Friday Open Days  
○ Alternative arrangements will be  made for others to fulfill their  responsibilities  
○They will only exit/enter their  accommodation using the back door  and back staircase. No one else  should use the back door and the balcony will become out of bounds until the self-isolation is over and it  has been cleaned.