Katie Sollohub, who led an arts workshop in the Blue Idol garden last year, has won the prestigious international Derwent Prize.

You can see the winning painting on the Derwent Art blog.

“Katie Sollohub’s paintings are a celebration of paint and colour, objects, spaces and memory. Her expressive drawings demonstrate her love of looking. The subject matter is the stuff of everyday, the stuff around her. Each image tells a story.” See the gallery of some of her art on her own website.

On June 22nd 2019 a group of local people joined Katie for a workshop in the Blue Idol garden, organised by a local resident and attender at the Blue Idol Meeting House.

The photos below were taken with the permission of those attending the workshop in the summer last year.

Visitors are welcome to visit the Blue Idol’s garden any day of the year during daylight hours. There are benches to sit and take in the peace of the garden. You are also welcome to bring a picnic and your art materials and enjoy the space. Find out more about visiting the garden and historic meeting house.

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